October 2017 Meeting

Millefiori Felted Beads

These hand felted beads mimic the glass beads with flowers all over them that had been created in Italy for centuries. Millefiori necklaces, paper weights, etc became very popular in Victorian times.

Come felt the beads and string them with other beads to create a necklace you can wear by the end of the meeting.

October 14, 2017
Location: Room 118, McKnight Hall, WSU campus
Social Time begins @ 9:00 am
Meeting & Program begins @ 10:00 am

Directions: Exit off of Hillside onto Alumni Drive. The McKnight building is the second building on your right. Park in the lot across the street, and enter the north wing through the brown double doors that face Hillside (shown in the center of the picture below). Look for a “Guild” sign on the doors!