Ewe to Yarn

Most people think of yarn as the raw material for a knitting, crochet, weaving or needlework project, but it’s really a finished product!

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We invite you to consider our new Ewe to Yarn series of classes that starts at the beginning.  Well, actually, the VERY beginning is at lambing time, but we’re going to skip over the critical animal husbandry part of the equation and start with the shorn fleece.

Five experienced instructors will take you through the entire process, starting with selecting, washing & dyeing fleece through fiber preparation options to learning to use a spinning wheel and then exploring the world of fiber.  The six Saturdays in January through March and five Tuesdays in March & April will give even total beginners the experience and confidence to continue on their own, with a solid grounding in the basics plus some extra credits!

Attend all classes in the series, or pick and choose whichever one(s) interest you.  All materials and equipment are provided, and you can even borrow a spinning wheel if you don’t have one of your own!

What better way to start a year than by learning a fulfilling and creative new (and ancient) skill?

The Best Gifts

The only way to improve on a hand crafted gift is to share the memory of its making.

Our Gifting Series of classes scheduled in November and December have been specially selected not only to guide you in producing a fun or elegant gift (maybe for yourself), but also as an opportunity to share the experience!

Consider signing up in a pair with a cherished friend or family member, and make some beautiful memories, too.

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