May 2016 – Dye day

May 7, 2016

Our final meeting of the year will be May 7th in room 118 of the McKnight building on the WSU campus. We will be dyeing, so bring something that you would like to work on – warps, skeins of yarn, unspun fiber, silk scarves, or other fabric or items. We will provide the dyes, and we will also have pre-soaking buckets set up. As always, bring plastic bags to transport your wet items home.
We will also be voting on our slate of officers for the 2016-2017 year:
  • President   Susan de Wit
  • Vice President   Terry Harrison
  • Treasurer   Janet Hamous
  • Secretary   Sharon Barnes
Final details on the July 14-18 Kathrin Weber workshops will be presented. Please come prepared to make or arrange payment.
Directions to McKnight Hall: Exit off Hillside onto Alumni Drive. The McKnight building is the second building on your right (around the curve of the street).  Due to construction, access through the brown double doors that face Hillside is somewhat obstructed; park in the lot on your left and walk around the cordoned-off area.