A Generous Heart



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The Guild has a long history in Wichita… it has been in existence since 1947!  Many talented people have been a part of the story; some of their names have been lost over time, but many still live in the memories of current members.  Martha Crowley is one of those.

Martha passed away in 2013, but her husband, Frank Pate, has not forgotten her dedication and years of service as a Guild officer, member and encourager.  In 2016, he donated the majority of her yarns, fiber, books, tools and equipment to the Guild, all of which we offered for sale as a fundraiser.  The sale was an unqualified success, with the items going to new homes where they are used and treasured, and the funds ultimately helping to support the opening of the Fiber Arts Center of Wichita.

We had no idea at the time that his gift would provide seed money for a new fiber education venture, but we’re pretty sure Marty would have been delighted!

And now Frank has donated some very special items to the Guild, which are on view at the Fiber Arts Center, and which will continue to educate and inspire fiber artists.  In addition to the items pictured above, her collection included mounted tapestry weavings, antique pincushions and bobbin lace tools.

We deeply appreciate Frank’s generosity and his support of the skills that Martha loved and in which she excelled.

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