Basket Weaving Workshop

Amish basket workshop – Instructor’s flyer for the class (pdf file)

June 3 – 5, 2016
Location: Sedan, Kansas
Instructor:  Marsha Jensen

Friday, June 3:  7 pm – Ice dyeing bamboo socks
Saturday, June 4:  all day – basket weaving, dinner at Stagecoach Ranch
Sunday, June 5:  9 – noon? – finish baskets, info on dyeing reeds as time allows

basketThis picture shows the basket we will be weaving.  This is not a beginning basket weaving workshop.

Food will be at your expense except for Saturday night out at Reta’s place.  The class will be held in downtown Sedan and so breakfast and lunches will be bought at a restaurant close by. Breakfast buffet costs $5.00 and the lunch special usually costs around $6.95.


Full Schedule:

Friday Evening – arrive at Sedan downtown (Reta’s building – will provide address later) at 7:00.  We will be ice dyeing bamboo socks (price included in workshop cost).  Reta will be teaching the ice dyeing. After the ice dyeing, we will head out to Reta’s place to spend the night.

Saturday – go into Sedan to eat breakfast around 8:00 to be able to start the class at 9:00. The basket weaving class will be all day with a lunch break around 11:00 at the same restaurant we had breakfast at.  After we stop the class in the afternoon, we will head out to Reta’s place again for our Saturday evening meal.

Sunday – go to Sedan for breakfast around 8:00 and start class at 9:00.  Marsha will be helping anyone that needs to finish up their baskets, depending on how far everyone gets on Saturday.  If there is time she will show us how to dye the reeds for basket making.  Lunch can be at the restaurant again or depending when we finish up, you could possibly eat back at your home.  The plan is to not go too much past lunch time on Sunday.

Reta’s Place:

Reta has a bunkhouse/cabin for us to stay in.  You will need to bring your own pillow, along with the normal stuff you take on a trip. Bring some insect repellent, and wear shoes good for walking out in the country and something sturdy like jeans.

Tools to Bring:

You might want to bring some type of gloves to protect your hands when dyeing.

For the basket weaving:

  • Tub or bucket to hold water for soaking your reeds
  • Scissors to cut the reed
  • Needle nose pliers and a small flat screwdriver (used to help poke the reed down through woven parts of the basket)
  • Lots of clothespins!!

It is always a good idea to bring some type of plastic bags in case you need to bring home something wet.