On the agenda – Feb. 2011

Saturday, February 5, 2011

10:00 am – noon

*WSU Campus, McKnight Hall, room 118

Following the business meeting, the program will be a hands-on lesson in felting wool to silk.

This project is the “Personal Icon” for the guild table at the annual KAWS meeting in Manhattan on April 16 – 17.  (We won first prize at KAWS in 2010, let’s win again!)


  • One bath towel
  • A source to heat water (electric tea kettle or a crock pot and ladle, or a pot and stove that uses gas canisters)

  • Optional: small pieces of lightweight fabric – for example,  scraps from formal wear

Wool, silk and other supplies will be provided.

People can personalize their piece by adding beads, sequins, very lightweight things to their felted piece after they get it started and take it home.

*Directions: From Hillside, turn into WSU at the entrance where the Football Memorial stands. Parking lots are on the left, McKnight Hall on right.  Look for a Guild sign on the brown double door!

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