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Once you have clean fleece, what’s the next step? Best answer: It depends! What are the characteristics of the wool? What kind of yarn do you plan to spin, or what kind of project will you make?

Fiber prep is the key to spinning the yarn you want – and spinners have the advantage of designing yarns from the very beginning, with specific projects in mind.

Learn how to open fleece with a picker or flicker, practice hand carding techniques, and find out how to comb safely and diz a worsted top.

Wool combs with locks and nest of combed fiber, and hand carders with rolag

We will focus on preparing undyed fiber for spinning, and participants will get hands-on instruction in several techniques, using both standard and DIY tools.

Class will be held on Saturday, August 19, 2023 from 10:00 am to noon.

Instructor: Sharon Barnes

Class fee $35.  Register online and submit $10 via PayPal to reserve your spot. Bring the remaining $25 (cash, check or PayPal) to class.

Materials to bring:

  • CLEAN wool or other animal fiber – multiple types are fine
  • Optional – ideas or plans for specific projects

Instructor will provide:

  • Tools and equipment
  • Handouts
  • Some wool samples

The location for all classes is the Fiber Arts Center of Wichita at 751 George Washington Boulevard.
Enter through the double door off Morris St. (south side of building).

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