15 Minutes of Fame

We had an unexpected and delightful event this week – we were featured on our local TV channel’s segments on CBS This Morning!

Several Guild members dragged themselves out of bed early enough to be at our weaving studio by 6:00 am to meet Shane Konicki and cameraman Joe to film several live segments during the show’s air time.  “Where’s Shane?” highlights a variety of events and activities in the Wichita area, and somehow (we’re not quite sure), we came to his attention!

All four short segments are available on the KWCH website, so you can watch Shane as he tries his hand at spindle spinning, wheel spinning, and weaving!

Live TV can be pretty interesting, but it went pretty well considering all the opportunities for bloopers!  Shane was a good sport, even through dropping the Turkish spindle, having the drive band slip off the wheel, and some unintentional sound effects from the radiator.

A good time was had by all, and we are grateful for the opportunity to promote the Guild and the Fiber Arts Center classes and workshops!  Thanks, KWCH!!

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