100 Colours Plus Dye Class

taught by Linda Burt

April 24 – 25, 2010


A good time was had by all attendees!

Class description:

excerpted from a letter from Linda

We will be dyeing all colours, which does take some time.  Each group of 2 will be doing 14 colours.   Once all the deying is finished on the first day, we will let the skeins dry overnight and the next morning, each group will cut the samples for the notebooks.  I will bring the notebooks with the instructions in them and then we will add the samples from the dye day.  The formulas for each of the colours will be on the cards for the samples.

When finished the student will have a notebook with the instructions and samples of all the colours so that they can go home and do the colours again.

Students need oven gloves, scissors, and wear clothes they can “dye” in, tennis shoes.