If your goal is to become a weaver of multiples types of fiber, master the 3 types of weave patterns and learn to navigate the intricacies of a floor loom, this is the class for you!

Developed from Jane Stafford Textile guild lessons, this beginning class will teach you how to dress a loom starting with winding a warp to throwing the shuttle. Beginning lessons will allow you to explore the vast options of plain weave using different fibers and sett adjustments.

Along this weaving journey you will also learn basic design principles you may use in your weaving designs.

Class will be held on (Weekdays; Weekly 3-hour sessions for 8 weeks OR twice weekly 3-hour sessions for 4 weeks, in June, July or August)

Instructor: Neva Thiessen

Class fee $160.  Register online and submit $120 via PayPal to reserve your spot. Bring the remaining $40 (cash, check, PayPal accepted) to the first class.

Materials to bring:

  • 8/2 cotton, preferred (how much? how many colors?)

Instructor will provide:

  • small floor looms, 24-30″
  • warping boards
  • shuttles
  • handouts

The location for all classes is the Fiber Arts Center of Wichita at 751 George Washington Boulevard.
Enter through the double door off Morris St. (south side of building).