Schedule a unique and fun activity for your next event (birthday party, family day out) or just a creative hangout with friends.  Tie dyeing is fun for all ages, from kids to former flower children!  In mild weather, this event can be held outside for larger groups.

Each person will learn how to tie a T-shirt in different ways for different effects, and apply the dye in their choice of colors.  At the end, everyone will take home their wrapped, dyed shirt, along with instructions for the next step.  (Maybe you can plan to get everyone back together for a ‘reveal’ party!)

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Contact instructor Paula Smith directly for more information and to schedule your event!

Class fee $25 per person.

Instructor will provide:

  • 100% cotton shirts (you will need to provide sizes before the event)
  • Dyes and other materials
  • Gloves and equipment
  • Instructions for rinsing and after care

The location for all classes is the Fiber Arts Center of Wichita at 751 George Washington Boulevard.