KAWS 2021 Workshop Instructors

A Thread Runs Through Us - KAWS 2021

Molly Elkind

Preconference workshop and keynote speaker

Improv Weaving: Break the Rules!
Friday, November 5, 1 – 4 pm

Do you ever want to just sit down and weave, without bothering with a cartoon or even a sketch?  Do you wonder sometimes what would happen if. . . ?  This is your chance to find out!   Explore what happens if you break some of the “rules” of tapestry.  What happens if you distort the grid?  Leave open spaces and slits?  Make the warp a prominent player?  Experiment with variations in sett and beat?  There are lots of exciting possibilities.  We’ll also talk about pros and cons of various small looms, and touch on ways to mount small tapestries to really show them off.

Registration opens August 1, 2021


Chiaki O’Brien

Postconference workshops for both experienced and first-time weavers!

SAORI Weaving-Enjoy Being in a Moment
  Sunday, November 7

SAORI Weaving-Learn to let go
  Monday, November 8